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UK Self Assessment Guide

COVID-19: VAT and Self-Assessment Payment Deferral
During the coronavirus pandemic, the UK Government is helping companies by deferring VAT and self-assessment payments. Temporary amendments to the[...]
What is the 2019/2020 Tax Code?
In UK tax news, the Personal Allowance amount, or the figure you can earn before paying income tax, will go[...]
Tax Return to Complete? 5 Costly Self-assessment Mistakes to Avoid
Leaving your tax return until the last minute could be a costly mistake. If you miss the deadline, you will[...]
What if I Work Abroad Temporarily?
If you plan to work abroad for some time, there are tax considerations you have to take into account. Whether[...]
What Is A UTR Number And How Does It Apply To You?
The Unique Taxpayer Reference Number or UTR is an exclusive 10 digit code that’s allocated to you or a company[...]
How to Appeal an HMRC Self-assessment Penalty
If you have received a fine from HMRC, our guide will tell you how to appeal a Self-Assessment penalty, get[...]
Do You Have an Old Tax Credit Debt?
Tax credit debts and the manner in which they are collected keep changing which is all the more reason that[...]
Six Reasons to File Your UK Self-assessment Tax Return Early
Being a tax return early bird will mean you avoid spending the festive period immersed in tax. There are several[...]
Do You Need to File a Tax Return on January 31st 2020? Read Our Self Assessment Checklist
It’s that time of year when UK Self Assessment tax returns must be prepared and submitted to HMRC on the[...]
How To Successfully Complete Your Self-Assessment Tax Returns And Understanding The UK Tax System
Self-Assessment Tax doesn’t have to be taxing and it shouldn’t be with these articles. From understanding self-assessment tax returns to[...]
UK Taxation for Foreign Residents
Tax Refunds UK Expats Can Claim As an employed expat in the UK, you are obliged to file a UK[...]
First Time Workers
Are You Within the Self-assessment Tax Return or PAYE System? The definition of whether you are employed or on a[...]
A Guide to Filling in and Filing Your Self-assessment Tax Return
As it is important you fill in your self-assessment tax return before the 31st January deadline; this article helps guide[...]
When is the Self-assessment Deadline for Tax Year 2018-19
2019 UK Tax Filing Deadline for Tax Year Ending 5th April 2019 Midnight of 31st January 2020 is your deadline[...]
HMRC Delays UK Tax Returns Penalty Notices: Will You Face Extra Fines?
Time to Meet that 2019 UK Tax Filing Deadline! There are over 740,000 tax payers in-line to receive fines for[...]
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