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Tax Refunds for Offshore Oil & Gas Workers

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Tax Advice For Offshore Workers

If you are an offshore worker, you may be eligible for a tax
refund. You just need to know how and where a refund is

As an employee working offshore, you can claim back tax on the

  • Travel expenses that HMRC designates as ‘temporary workplaces’.
    This must be claimed under 24 months.
  • Offshore travel expenses, which cover the kind of
    transportation you use to and from your platform, whether you
    drive, ride a public transport or fly to your destination.
    Even the amount you pay for the taxi fare from your hotel to the
    heliport is due a tax rebate.
  • Offshore hotel bills in the event that you need to rent
    accommodation the night before flying to your offshore

How To Claim Back Expenses As An Offshore Worker

On top of these, there other expenses that you can claim back
tax, especially if you pay them out of pocket.

But you must keep receipts and records of all expenses,
especially because the cost can vary. Hotel bills, in particular,
are rarely the same, even if you stay in the same property. Lack of
official documents and record will make getting a tax refund bleak.
You can claim a tax refund for the last 4 years. As long as you
file a claim before the term limit, you could get overpaid tax

How much off a tax refund can you expect?

The average amount is anywhere between £600 and £700 per year.
So imagine how much you will receive for a 4-year tax refund. You
will be able to fund a family holiday or even make a down payment
for a new car.

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