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Taking Cash From Your Pension

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Now that you’re allowed to take cash from your pension, it can
be an ideal source of funds, especially if you really need cash,
and you have no other sources available. But due to penalties and
tax fees, you might want to do this the smart way.

  • Take only a slice of your pension, so you don’t need to pay any
    tax. 25% of the entire pot is tax free. What’s left, you can
    withdraw during retirement age.
  • Take a tax-free lump sum of your entire pension pot, which is
    25%, and then leave the rest.

If you think 25% is insufficient, you can always go higher. Just
be ready to face the taxman. You also have an option to take out
your entire pension in one go, especially if you are left with no
other choice, but you might be slapped with higher rates of tax.
Remember that 75% of your pot is subject to income tax.

Taking cash for the first time? Your pension provider may need
to apply emergency tax on your withdrawal, but this is something
you can claim back.

Why is it less ideal to take cash from your pension?

If possible, you should look for alternative source of funds,
rather than cash out all your pension. Remember that if you take
25% now, you may not have enough to live on during your retirement.
There is always the State Pension, but even that may be
insufficient. The situation could get worse if you withdraw your
entire pension pot. You not only pay penalties and taxes, you may
be left with nothing come retirement age.

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your tax back.

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