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Smart Money Moves When Your Self-Employed

Smart Money Moves When Your Self-Employed

Claim Your Self-Employed Tax Refund!

Are you part of UK’s self-employed population? Thought about your future financially? From claiming your self-employed tax refund to pension plans, here’s our advice!

Claim Your Self-Employed Tax Refunds As A Smart Money Move

While you maybe careful to file your self-assessment UK tax returns on time. Making sure to not get penalised by HMRC, its important to know your rights. As a leading Tax Refund Company in the UK we come across a large number of self-employed individuals who are eligible for self-employed tax returns from HMRC. This is your right, and those valuable cash refunds can go into a future pension plan. Talk to us for an evaluation of your individual criteria and let’s see how much of your tax money you can get back from the tax man!

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Save For A Future Pension And Make Your Money Last

When you are employed, your employer will automatically pay towards your pension plan. But when self-employed we are less motivated to put money aside for retirement plan. But – did you know putting money aside for a private pension plan is tax deductible? Enjoy a 20% tax relief on payments towards a private pension plan. Or a 19% tax relief for a corporate tax relief, when paying pension funds through your company. Talk to our tax consultants for more details.

Invest And Grow Your Savings As A Smart Money Move

While putting your money in a savings account is a solid plan. Its good to consider options and invest some cash in shares or stocks. Look up the list of credible ISA providers in the UK and choose.

Smart Money Move No 4. Open A Business Account

Keeping your personal savings account and business account separate is good for book-keeping. This move will also help when its time to file your tax returns.

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Hand Over Your Tax File To A Credible Tax Refund Agent

As you set about growing your business, leave your tax matters in capable hands. At Taxback we make sure you not only pay the tax man his dues on time, but you claim back your valuable tax refunds from HMRC. 

Let’s plan your future; talk to us today!

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