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Self Employed Tax Guide UK

Self-Employed Individuals Encouraged to Reach New Deadlines for Tax Returns
The COVID-19 crisis is having far-reaching financial effects on individuals and companies alike in the UK and around the world.[...]
Self-Employed Tax Changes for 2020-2021
From 6th April onwards, millions of employees and the self-employed employees will pay less tax due to an increase in[...]
Falling Inside IR35 Tax Rules – UK Tax Advice For The Self-Employed
If you fall within IR35 tax guidelines, it means that HMRC sees you as an employee in the ‘off-payroll’ working[...]
Benefit From A Self Employed Tax Refund By Cutting Costs With UK Tax Allowances
Tax allowances added to the new tax year from 6th April, help the self-employed cut costs. Let’s look at benefits,[...]
Smart Money Moves When Your Self-Employed
Claim Your Self-Employed Tax Refund! Are you part of UK’s self-employed population? Thought about your future financially? From claiming your[...]
What To Consider Before Becoming Self-Employed – And Claim Self-Employed Tax Returns Too!
Want to make the switch from a 9 to 5 job? Here are some invaluable tips to consider before making[...]
How To Claim Tax in UK And Other Top Tax Tips For The Self-Employment
Are you self-employed and paying tax to HMRC? Then it's time you learnt to claim tax in UK, pay the[...]
HMRC System Error Could Lead to Fines for the Self-employed – Will You Be Affected?
A Glitch That Could Cause an Error in Your UK Tax Return A technical glitch within the HMRC system has[...]
Major Changes To Self-Employed Tax Coming In 2019/20 Tax Year
New Changes to Consider for your UK Tax Refunds The new tax reforms introduced by April 06th will see over[...]
Check Your UK Tax Code Is Correct – New 2019/20 PAYE Codes
Making the most of your UK tax refunds If you are employed or are the receiver of a pension, you[...]
Starting a Business in the UK? Get an Accountant
More and more people in the UK are starting their own businesses or going freelance. In fact, the number of[...]
Beating The Taxman A Beginners Guide
We've all felt that sinking feeling inside when we look at our paycheck to see a sizeable chunk has been[...]
Taxes for Construction Industry Workers in the UK
If you are working in the construction industry in the UK, you will need to be aware of the Construction[...]
Claiming Your UK Tax Refund
Tax. Everyone working in the UK pays it yet if you were a foreign worker it can be stressful claiming[...]
How To Save Money During The Week – Money Saving Tips
Top tips for saving money during the week by You may think that going out to work, you're of[...]
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