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Seafarer Tax Guide UK

Seafarers Earnings Deduction
A Look at Seafarer Tax Return The Seafarers earnings deduction as part of HMRC’s legislation allows people working onboard ships[...]
Do You Qualify for the Seafarers Tax Refund?
Do you spend most of your time offshore? Whether you work in the shipping industry or on a cruise ship.[...]
Double Taxation Agreements For Seafarers
It is not uncommon among members of the yachting industry to operate without declaring their income to a governmental tax[...]
Are You Eligible for the Seafarers Earnings Deduction
Tax Tips For Seafarers If you work at sea outside the UK, you may be eligible for a tax relief[...]
Best Recruitment Agencies Offering Shipping Jobs
Do you want to apply for shipping jobs in the UK? The best way to go about it is to[...]
Seafarer’s Earnings Deduction Overview
The Seafarer's Earnings Deduction (SED) is one way for employees working at sea, or on a ship to reduce their[...]
Exploring the Many Opportunities of Working at Sea
A lot of people associate seafaring with high pay, without giving much thought to the hard work and hardship that[...]
Tax Guide For Seafarers
What You Need to Know About SED Because seafarers are usually out at sea at different periods, whether they qualify[...]
The Life Of A Junior Marine Engineer
What It's Like To Be A Junior Marine Engineer The role of a Junior Marine Engineer on board a ship[...]
Top UK Companies For Seafarer Jobs
UK Companies Best for Seafarers Working as a seafarer in the UK has its perks, especially where safety and welfare[...]
Working And Living Rights Of UK Seafarers
Seafarers In The UK Working at sea may pay well, but the dangers are just as many. Most seafarers work[...]
Working At Sea Opportunities For Australians In The UK
How the Growing Cruise Industry In UK Generates More Jobs According to a report in Travel Weekly, "The cruise industry's[...]
Claiming Back Taxes For Seafarers In UK
Tax Credits For Seafarers In UK An employee working at sea outside the UK can enjoy deduction in his tax[...]
Living The Life Of A Seafarer
How to Be Prepared for the Life of a Seafarer The globetrotting lifestyle and the promise of a huge salary[...]
Tax Breaks For Independent Businesses
Tax Breaks For Freelancers And Independent Shop Owners In The UK Are you working for yourself rather than for someone[...]
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