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Pension Tax UK

Five Tax Traps to Avoid in Retirement
Who doesn't look forward to a time when all days in the week can be spent doing leisurely activities? For[...]
Cashed Out Pensions Explained
Will you get taxed on your cashed out pension? A pension fund is money saved up for your retirement. But[...]
Cash Out Your Pension
Wanting to realise some real cash? You could consider cashing out your pension, however you may want to think about[...]
Taking Cash From Your Pension
Find out more about cashed pensions Now that you're allowed to take cash from your pension, it can be an[...]
Cashed Out Pensions Explained
Can You Really Cash Out your Pension Before Age 55? Who doesn't want to take advantage of the money you've[...]
What Are Cashed Out Pensions
How do cashed out pensions work? In the pension freedom reforms, you are allowed to make as many withdrawals as[...]
Is It Really Tax-Free When Moving Your Pension to Gibraltar or Dubai?
If you are a non-UK resident or someone moving abroad, there are several things you can do with your UK[...]
Tax Tips for UK Citizens Living Abroad with UK-Based Pension
In a nutshell, you have to pay tax on your UK pension, even if you're not a UK resident, except[...]
Taxes On Pension Payout
Just when pensioners think they can enjoy a huge payout with their retirement fund, it turns out that the government[...]
How Your Choice of Overseas Pension Scheme May Cost You 55pc Tax Charge
A lot of Britons save into their pension in preparation for a retirement overseas. This is made possible through a[...]
What Is Pension Freedom?
What You Need to Know About the Pension Freedom Come April 6, all-over 55s will be able to access their[...]
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