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Oil And Gas Tax Guide UK

Tax and National Insurance for Oil and Gas Workers
Are you employed in the oil and gas industry? It is important that you are aware of the rules of[...]
Tax Refunds for Offshore Oil & Gas Workers
Tax Advice For Offshore Workers If you are an offshore worker, you may be eligible for a tax refund. You[...]
Are You Eligible for Oil & Gas Tax Refund
If there's one job where you can save a lot of tax, or even all of it, it is working[...]
Tax Tips Oil & Gas Industry Workers Should Know
Working in the oil and gas industry offers plenty of tax benefits if you know how to take advantage of[...]
Tax Information for UK Oil & Gas Workers
Oil and gas workers enjoy several benefits where taxes are concerned. Despite the hard work and harsh conditions that they[...]
Tax Deductibles For Oil & Gas Workers
Oil & Gas Workers: What They Can Claim? The professional life for an oil and gas worker can be hard,[...]
Hard Future Predicted For Gas & Oil Workers
Oil Companies' Tax Breaks: Why They Do Not Translate To Happy Oil & Gas Workers North Sea oil producers have[...]
UK’s Shale Gas Revolution
How the UK's Shale Gas Revolution Will Affect Employment for Gas & Oil Workers The UK has traditionally been a[...]
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