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UK Tax Return Online Application – PAYE Application Form

To complete the UK Tax refund (PAYE) from you'll need the following information available:

  • 1
    Your UK address or last registered address
  • 2
    Name of your employer(s)
  • 3
    National Insurance Number
  • 4
    Any P45's, P60's or payslips
  • 5
    An idea of what you have spent on various work related items such as travel, clothing, etc
  • 6
    Photo ID (we won't need this until after your application)

Finding out if you're owed a UK Tax Refund

Do you need to lodge a UK Tax Refund claim? If you worked in the UK in the last 4 years you could be owed a UK Tax Refund. Whether you're a UK resident or not, you may well be long overdue for a tax refund. Many people from the UK will find they are on the correct tax code and therefore not owed much of a tax refund, however non residents who have worked in the UK could be owed thousands of pounds. Seriously, you could have money sitting in the HMRC bank accounts that should be in yours. 

Filing a UK Tax refund claim costs you nothing upfront as we offer a no refund no fee service. So if we don't or can't get you a refund, you pay nothing. And if we do get you a refund, we simply take 15% commission from your tax refund. 

Sounds pretty simple hey! Well, if you take 5 minutes to fill out our UKTax refund form you'll soon know if you're owed a tax refund or not. The forms are checked by our tax agents immediately and if we have any questions at all, we'll get back to you via email or phone. Remember, you can save your form and come back at anytime. So don't waste any time, get started and put us to work. 

UK Tax Return Application Form - PAYE Tax Application

Time to complete form: 5-15 minutes (depending on the detail you provide)

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